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Leeds Testing Atelier - October 2017

Firstly, I’d like to pass on massive kudos to the organisers… Stephen, Ash, Gwen, Nick, Fred, Richie and Sophie… Apologies if I have missed anyone! AMAZING JOB J
Massive shout out to the sponsors:
Ten10 Infinity Works Fruition Ministry of Testing  CodeMill Tony Holroyd
Without the efforts of the organisers and support of the sponsors this event wouldn’t be completely free…
Fred on your imminent move back to Norway you will be missed by many, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with you for 3 years! Good luck on your move back home… you’ll smash it!

OK, so on to the talks…
Rosie Hamilton – Discovering logic in testing
Rosie wanted us to think of a time when nobody knew what testing was, there were no books, no conferences, NOTHING! But, you get offered a job as a Software Tester…
Rosie started out as a compliance tester in the gaming industry, for her this meant following basic instructions:
-The game must do ‘X’ -The game must not do ‘Y’
This soon became repetitive, she eventually moved…