Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Software Testers are Invaluable!

Let me start by making a statement on what I believe software testing to be:

"Testing is a continuous process of exercising software as a means of discovering information"

Surely we are all here to develop and deliver great software? 

As a software testers we need to understand where we fit in… I've heard comments in the past and in recent weeks:

"Testing just comes last and you have to be a developer to be involved from the start"

At the point a requirement is produced a tester should be involved… We are eager to learn about new software too, not only that I am sure a testers mind-set is invaluable to a project team!

I'm not going to go in to lower level detail of test strategy and different approaches I just want to point out that as testers, we can and should be contributing throughout the entire SDLC.

As testers we are here to:

  • Ask questions
  • Challenge requirements
  • Challenge processes
  • Understand how a feature is to be developed & deployed
  • How does it compare to other products/features
  • Have we any reusable assets
  • What can we learn from the users
    • Who will be using the system
    • What's their goals
    • Think from the users prospective
  • Can we take learnings from previous projects
    • What worked
    • What didn’t work
  • Plan test scenarios inline with user cases 

having an element of transparency across a development team will help find potential issues much earlier on in the process and contribute to delivery of great software!

Build up a mental picture which will help you develop the right mind-set for what is ahead of you. It's all about TEAM WORK, INFLUENCING PEOPLE and delivering VALUE to production.

What are testers ?

"We are smart, quirky, endearing people who are immersed so deeply in their craft it is sometimes hard for outsiders to appreciate. :-)" - David Christiansen, Senior Developer at ExecOnline (US)

I've heard a line recently and would be good for us all to remember - As testers, we get paid to learn every day! Why would we want to do anything else?

I hope this helps.

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