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Leeds Testing Atelier - October 2017

Firstly, I’d like to pass on massive kudos to the organisers… Stephen, Ash, Gwen, Nick, Fred, Richie and Sophie… Apologies if I have missed anyone! AMAZING JOB J
Massive shout out to the sponsors:
Ten10 Infinity Works Fruition Ministry of Testing  CodeMill Tony Holroyd
Without the efforts of the organisers and support of the sponsors this event wouldn’t be completely free…
Fred on your imminent move back to Norway you will be missed by many, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with you for 3 years! Good luck on your move back home… you’ll smash it!

OK, so on to the talks…
Rosie Hamilton – Discovering logic in testing
Rosie wanted us to think of a time when nobody knew what testing was, there were no books, no conferences, NOTHING! But, you get offered a job as a Software Tester…
Rosie started out as a compliance tester in the gaming industry, for her this meant following basic instructions:
-The game must do ‘X’ -The game must not do ‘Y’
This soon became repetitive, she eventually moved…

Continuous Testing On Our Pipelines

I’m going to assume that I’m not the only one who has had hours of discussions around how much automation to plug in to our pipelines.
Firstly, I want to briefly talk about different environments and what I believe they should be used for. I’m going to keep this high level as I don’t want to make an assumption on what environments your pipeline will consist of.

Each of these could be made up of multiple environments. For example, ‘Test’ could suggest you have Local Dev, Integration and System Test. ‘Live’ could suggest you have Client Test, Live and Disaster Recover, but they would fall in to the categories I have illustrated. 

Test Environment(s)
I see test as being the environment where all new functionality is tested whether that be isolated components or end to end. Testing can be automated where appropriate and added to the products over all regression pack. Accept that in test you may need to apply an element of mocking as it’s not always possible to test external third parties…

The Software Testers Job Title... Meaningless!

Question: What does a “job title” actually mean?
Answer: A job title is the name used to describe a specific group of tasks performed by an individual for a business or another enterprise. A job title is an efficient way to tell what a person does.
Phil’s Answer: Nothing
As a software tester, does a job title really identify what you do day to day? Probably not!
Now – you are looking for a new role because your company just made you redundant, you go and search on a recruitment website with the search criteria of “Test” and get thousands of results?!?!
How many different job titles could you possibly uncover?

Test Engineer (and Test Engineer II, Test Engineer III, etc.)Quality AnalystTesting AnalystAutomation EngineerTest ArchitectTest Automation DeveloperTest ManagerDirector of TestSenior Test Engineermany, many more…
If you had to define your job title based on what you actually do what would it be? I think mine would be something along the lines of:
“Software Exploring Testing Mento…

Recruiting Software Testers… It should be easy, Right?

Recruitment, A process that I know is painful for the recruiter and candidate(s). So how do we get this right? How do we know we are asking the right thing to ensure any candidate is right for the job but also the role is right for the candidate? 1 hour/1.5 hours isnt a long time to make a decision.
After many exhaustive hours dealing with recruitment over the past 18 months or so I don’t believe I am perfect at it but I do feel I have learnt a lot about what I am looking for.
Stage 1, The Phone interview: 

This stage of an interview should be kept to a minimum, a brief discussion of experiences.

I generally use the phone interview to pick up on 5 key points:
 - Have they done any research on the company/role  - Why they want to make this move  - What methodologies have they worked with  - Manual and automation experience  - How they keep up to date with modern testing techniques
I want to ensure that they are committed to the application process, they have worked in a similar environment and u…

Software Testers are Invaluable!

Let me start by making a statement on what I believe software testing to be:
"Testing is a continuous process of exercising software as a means of discovering information"
Surely we are all here to develop and deliver great software? 
As a software testers we need to understand where we fit in… I've heard comments in the past and in recent weeks:
"Testing just comes last and you have to be a developer to be involved from the start"

At the point a requirement is produced a tester should be involved… We are eager to learn about new software too, not only that I am sure a testers mind-set is invaluable to a project team!
I'm not going to go in to lower level detail of test strategy and different approaches I just want to point out that as testers, we can and should be contributing throughout the entire SDLC.
As testers we are here to:
Ask questionsChallenge requirements Challenge processesUnderstand how a feature is to be developed & deployedHow does…

My Testbash Brighton 2017 Notes

This was my second Testbash... if you ever get the chance in the future these conferences are a must!
I took copious amounts of notes from the 9 talks and tried to highlight my key takeaways here... hope they make sense but please comment if you have any questions :-)
Amy Phillips - Continuous Delivery
A survival guide to joining a fast paced environment/project…
Where does testing fit within Continuous delivery:

As highlighted, basically from start to finish…
There are lots of things we can do when joining a project that is using Continuous Delivery but one of the main points from this talk was to do your research! There should be an element of "Continuous" in every aspect of the project.
·Learning the ling, what's the difference Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration, Continuous design, Continuous Improvements etc.? ·Understand what your role in the project is going to be ·Understand the teams values, What's going well and maybe what the team p…