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What is a good Agile Tester ?

Its a good question!

Over the last couple of weeks I have read various articles highlighting what a good Agile tester is… all very good, but all very different!

"Testers are responsible for quality" No, no, no...
So the question is, what do YOU think a good Agile Tester looks like?
Here are my thoughts:
I strongly believe that a good Agile Tester is whatever it needs to be for a given project. Everybody within an Agile team has the same goal and requires continuous collaboration to succeed.
At the start of a sprint, an outsider looking in, should they be able to pick out who is the Developer, BA or Tester? I don’t think so. Everybody needs to be involved in defining things such as processes, user stories and acceptance criteria etc.
We all need to deliver value, we all need to continually look for improvements and we all need the ability to respond to change.
It’s only at this point that I see people doing specifics to their specific role, and for testers believe our main pu…