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I came across this post recently here: I guess its a little like i have been feeling recently! Have a read...

Software testing can be stressful.

Causes can vary from deadlines, lack of communication, or internal pressure. It is also the relentless nature of the job. As much as we love our job, here are some of the struggles that only a tester will understand.

1. We are Undervalued

“Our developers can check their own code.”

Some companies use this reason to justify why they don’t need testers. This is especially common when the company doesn’t have a large budget.

You’ll always need testers. Cutting software testing expenses is not the way to go. Having a dedicated testing team will save you a lot more time and resources in the long run. If you release a buggy product, you’ll lose a huge amount of users. You’ll lose your developers’ time to fix the product, which increases your costs.

Your developers can write a bug-free p…