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Exploratory Testing Overview

So, lately I've been thinking a lot about how to carry out Exploratory Testing and some learning have sparked previous posts regarding why we should approach software in this way.

I mentioned in my last post I was attending a course in the busy city of London. So here goes, my attempt at simplifying my learning's

Exploratory Testing is an approach to testing. It is concisely described as a simultaneous learning, test design and test execution, let's not mix this up with a test type or technique:

There are a number of myths that surround Exploratory testing:
Same as ad-hoc testingCan't be measuredEndlessCan't reproduce defectsOnly for Agile teamsNot DocumentedWe need test-cases As I said, these are just myths and make no sense at all!
Creating a test charter is a great way to document what it is you are testing, who is doing the testing, defining your tasks for your session, keeping test notes, recording bugs and logging issues. There are plenty of examples online s…