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What Are My Main Aims to Exploratory Testing?

The key questions that come up are: what is exploratory testing and how should we do it?

Exploratory testing helps test analysts and others involved in the testing field ensure systems and applications work for their users. Exploratory testing is often misunderstood as an approach but there a number of pointers you can follow to ensure you’re on the right track.

Here are my top 10:

1) Focus on goals

Why would we not have them?

Exploratory testing helps you exercise a system like a user while actively looking to identify bugs. having set goals will maximise the value of your testing and complement other testing methods.

2) Plan ahead

Following a script is not exploring the software. Exploratory testing stills needs an element of control so plan out what you want to achieve.

3) Don't over do it

Its not about coverage stats! it’s to find the defects and issues in a system that you won’t find through other forms of testing.

4) Is exploratory a skilled activity?


Exploratory testing ne…