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Telling Stories Is Hard. Telling User Stories Is Terrible, OR IS IT?

I'm sharing this article as I feel this is one area of the lifecycle my project team don't nail 100% of the time. I'm not saying we don't deliver quality I'm just stating that we could do better... Couldn't we all?
I disagree with one statement in this article though "Only developers are never to be in charge of user story creation". I don't feel there is any reason why anyone on a project team can't manage a story providing it's not done in isolation, you need collaboration to succeed.
It is quite easy to operate with a good user story both in development as well as software testing and quality assurance processes. Though mostly used in Agile environments user stories may be of great value to many software projects. I feel there is no need of defining true value of user stories so I will simply skip that part. Straight to the story creation we go.
Where do I begin? Oh, right, with users. A good user story does what? It is describing possible…