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Why Software Testers Are Awesome!

I was searching the web to understand what people think of testers and what testers think of themselves! I think this sums it up quite well from a testers view... Basically we are AWESOME!

A team of testers had decided to make a list of the reasons why they are making people happy with the fact that they are software testers. So, here we go with our little marathon of test-awesomeness! So tell me, why do you love to be a software tester?

I’m happy that I’m a software tester as I’m the first one who gets to play with the newest and the coolest software! That is one of the best reasons in the world why one may ever dream of becoming a tester (especially a video-game tester), sadly I don't get t test video games but we can't have everything!I am always up-to-date. Software is constantly evolving, getting more advanced and complex, etc. So does testing. And so do testers as there are new challenges emerging every day. New platforms, products, OS’s. It’s like everything in testing w…