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5 Tips Ensuring Effective Context Driven Testing

Great post... Thought I should share!
With so many controversies in the field of software application testing you can never be sure best testing practices will work in the context of your software or application. That’s why the need for context-driven approach to testing has arisen. And here are the 5 tips on how to smartly perform context-based, or context-driven, testing.
1. Ask Questions
What context-driven testers seem to be emphasizing the most often is the need to ask questions of everybody involved in the project. To fully grab the project’s context and get the maximum test coverage, you should ask a number of questions to stakeholders, development team, your fellow testers, etc. Asking questions can just as well be your perfect driver of career improvement beyond any specific project. By asking questions constantly and questioning the current status quo junior testers are able to learn from mentors and even the other way round. There is every evidence that successful testers are th…