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3 Steps to Make Testing More Agile!

It's been a while, here is a great post I have found... More to come!
If you have a large dev team in your software testing company, you communicate closely and cooperate with other team members often, it’s time for you to acquire an agile style of the testing process. The agile development methodology is widely applied today as it gives much better results if organised properly.
Here are 3 keys to making the testing part of development projects agile and more value-driven as well.
Look outside your QA bucket
Try to get behind the QA boundaries. Take part in the analysis stage by attending meetings, helping to review user stories, etc. During such meeting sessions make a rule of giving your feedback and setting your testing expectations. Once you try to look outside your immediate QA role, you’ll understand the true purpose of both the stories and the project indeed and ensure that the features meet their purposes better. Grasping the business value of each story will let you find mor…