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Is TestBash an Invaluable experience?

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The way we work shouldn’t be ‘Alien’ anymore, Should it!?!?

It’s been a good while since I have written anything (Mainly because I’m not that good a writer) but given my 16 months in the public sector I thought it was time… 
For a good number of years now the DevOps trend has given rise of buzzwords and methods aiming to speed delivery and it’s now an assumption of mine that most organisations are au fait with the term ‘Continuous Delivery’.
I was wrong…
Within the organisation that I am currently placed I believe I have a high-functioning collaborative team who work flexibly and in continuous cycle. We also involve the users which is a huge benefit to the development teams, but that’s not saying we get everything right 100% of the time! Teams must continue to learn and evolve to remain productive.
Our team work in one of several delivery groups and with this comes multiple challenges; Silos No single environment strategy lack of communicationsVaried ways of working.  And thats just to name a few, which is interesting when all delivery groups …

Leeds Testing Atelier - April 2018

The Importance of Building a Good Community of Practice

Within every organisation i think we can all agree that 'collaboration' is a major factor to the success of any project or initiative.

As organisations grow, new teams are created and existing teams fragment from each other, this is natural and i doubt that will change.

So what impact does that have to an organisation?
Stress in the work place? Unmet expectations? Relationship breakdown? Low Morale? Dissatisfied Clients? Collateral damage is inevitable.
When clients are dissatisfied, they often take their business elsewhere, which costs your company money. Poor communication can lead to high employee turnover, which creates a cost of hiring and training for new positions. At the least, with lower productivity and an unclear sense of purpose, poor communication causes employers to pay for work hours that are not efficiently spent, costing money, affecting efficiency, and keeping employees from reaching their true potential.
Its sometimes difficult to work on projects where you/y…

Leeds Testing Atelier - October 2017

Firstly, I’d like to pass on massive kudos to the organisers… Stephen, Ash, Gwen, Nick, Fred, Richie and Sophie… Apologies if I have missed anyone! AMAZING JOB J
Massive shout out to the sponsors:
Ten10 Infinity Works Fruition Ministry of Testing  CodeMill Tony Holroyd
Without the efforts of the organisers and support of the sponsors this event wouldn’t be completely free…
Fred on your imminent move back to Norway you will be missed by many, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with you for 3 years! Good luck on your move back home… you’ll smash it!

OK, so on to the talks…
Rosie Hamilton – Discovering logic in testing
Rosie wanted us to think of a time when nobody knew what testing was, there were no books, no conferences, NOTHING! But, you get offered a job as a Software Tester…
Rosie started out as a compliance tester in the gaming industry, for her this meant following basic instructions:
-The game must do ‘X’ -The game must not do ‘Y’
This soon became repetitive, she eventually moved…